Michelle Gisin is ambassador for the World Cup races and World Championships 2027

The two-time Olympic champion will be an ambassador for Crans-Montana for the next four years, both for the World Cup and for the 2027 World Championships in Valais. Michelle Gisin's smile will continue to beam on Crans-Montana.

The 29-year-old, who has already been extremely active in recent years in supporting the Valais resort's bid for the Alpine World Ski Championships, signed up for another four years on Thursday. She will be representing the World Cup events, and will also be a great ambassador for the 2027 World Championships.

“This is a huge honour for me," said the versatile athlete. “Everybody knows how much I’ve put into the bid, for 2025 and then for 2027. Getting the World Championships is extraordinary, and to remain part of this family is a great pleasure.” Michelle Gisin will also be attempting to share her knowledge, as she doesn’t miss a single stage of the World Cup calendar.

Her attachment to Crans-Montana is nothing new. “It's always a special week which I really look forward to," she says. “These are the craziest races of the year, we're treated like real rockstars here and that goes straight to my heart.” Michelle Gisin signed her new partnership for the next four years alongside Daniel Bollinger, interim CEO for Crans-Montana 2027, Marius Robyr and Hugo Steinegger, respectively president and vice-president of the World Cup Organising Committee, as well as Nicolas Féraud, president of the municipality of Crans-Montana and vice-president of the 2027 World Championships Organising Committee.

"Michelle Gisin is definitely one of the best loved sports stars in Switzerland, because of her personality and her results", said Nicolas Féraud, talking about the double Olympic combined champion. “We’re very happy to be furthering the great friendship that has grown between us over the past few months," added Marius Robyr. “Michelle Gisin has played a big role in us getting the World Championships, and to have her support is tremendous."

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana & Agence Zoom