Urs Lehmann: "100 points for Crans-Montana’s bid for the 2027 Worlds"

The week before the World Cup races in Crans-Montana, Swiss-Ski faced the cancellation of the Lauberhorn races in Wengen. The president of the Swiss skiing association, Urs Lehmann, was therefore relieved that the Women’s Classic on Mont Lachaux could take place as planned this weekend.

" I am very grateful and glad. We all know that we are in a difficult period at the moment. In Switzerland too, lots of things are coming to a standstill. But we are privileged to be able to continue practicing our sport. Thanks to Crans-Montana for being able to deal with the issues", declared a relieved Urs Lehmann.

A major commitment

The former world downhill champion from Aargau, who has been at the helm of Swiss-Ski since 2008, has a wealth of experience. But on Saturday afternoon, under the azure blue sky that dominated the Haut-Plateau, and after a magnificent downhill,  Lehmann was very enthusiastic : "The winner (editor’s note: Sofia Goggia) received 100 points for her result. But today, Crans-Montana also deserves 100 points for its efforts. Everyone’s commitment, from the president of the Organising Committee, Marius Robyr, to the many motivated volunteers, was simply top-notch”.

It is when days, and even the nights, are as tricky as last weekend, that it becomes clear if an organiser is worthy of organising the World Championships. "Crans-Montana has once again shown its impressive capabilities, and presented the best possible business card for its bid for the 2027 World Championships", continues Urs Lehmann.

The next step : making the bid official 

 For Marius Robyr, it is extremely pleasing to be congratulated in this way by Urs Lehmann. "We always do our best. It’s great when reactions are so positive". The president of the Organising Committee for the World Cup races, who is also Executive Director for the 2027 World Championship bid, intends to build on this momentum 

In a few weeks’ time, the bid for the World Championships has to be officially submitted to the International Ski Federation (FIS), and its president Gian Franco Kasper. The World Championships,  which would be the second to be held in Crans Montana after the 1987 event, are to be awarded at the FIS Congress in Portugal in May 2022.  

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