Press release, 25 November 2023

Crans-Montana 2027: the countdown is on

In 1,164 days, Crans-Montana will host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships for the second time in its history. The Crans-Montana 2027 Association has been meticulously preparing for this event since its inception. This Saturday, November 25, the first tangible elements were unveiled, notably the new visual identity for these World Championships, which was unveiled at a public ceremony in Crans-Montana.

When an event takes shape…

A project as unique as the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships deserves a fitting visual identity. This is why the steering committee launched a competition amongst several Swiss communications agencies to define the visual identity for Crans-Montana 2027. At the end of this demanding process, Octane Communication, a Valais-based agency specialising in graphic design and branding, was selected to present the official logo for the event.

The visual identity for Crans-Montana 2027 is intended to be unifying and dynamic, providing both local and national anchorage. It is made up of three main elements:

  • the logo, which represents a redesigned snowflake. The chevrons symbolise both the influence of a major event and the convergence of all the athletes and nations. Their counterform creates a star, the symbol of Valais;

  • bold, assertive typography which embodies modernity, sport and energy in general;

  • vibrant colours, with the dark blue of the FIS, the light blue symbolising winter and snow, and red to embody sport and passion, and as a direct reminder of the colours of Valais and Switzerland.

"These elements will be dynamic and constantly in motion in order to generate enthusiasm and encourage cohesion", explains Bernard Moix, Octane’s founder and director. "They also have the advantage of being infinitely adaptable, and they offer variations for all the different kinds of media illustrating this brilliant event. The visual impact will be optimal."

Didier Défago, CEO of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, is convinced: "As well as being elegant and harmonious, the logo perfectly reflects the values of Crans-Montana 2027. From a technical point of view, it’s a very creative visual that can be easily adapted. A lot of panel members loved it from the minute they saw it."

The audience at the launch event were just as impressed. "Introducing the visual identity represents the first tangible stage of the organisation, and it marks the transition between the bid and the concrete implementation phase. The event is literally taking shape, and we wanted to bring this logo to life and share this step with the whole skiing family", explains Didier Défago.

In line with this new visual identity, the website and all the communications media has been completely redesigned in the event's new colours.

A solid foundation

Besides the design of the visual identity, important groundwork has already been taking place since the announcement in May 2022 that the FIS (International Ski Federation) had awarded the 2027 FIS Alpine World Championships to the resort:

As of 1 January 2023, the Crans-Montana 2027 Association is the organiser of the 2027 World Championships. It is made up of members of Swiss-Ski and representatives of local bodies (specifically the municipalities, the ski lifts and the Canton of Valais). The steering committee, chaired by Urs Lehmann, defines the strategic vision, while Didier Défago (CEO) and Daniel Bollinger (director of operations) are responsible for operational management.

In summer 2023, the Nationale piste received its official re-homologation, a prerequisite for hosting international competitions. The piste was used in 1987 for the men's events, then for World Cups until 2012, and it will host men's events as well as giant slaloms in 2027. For this to happen, various technical and safety aspects need to be updated to comply with current regulations. Lots of visits and inspections have made it possible to define the work that needs to be carried out between now and 2027.

In October 2023, a rescaled project for the finish area was put out to public enquiry. Working closely with the organising committee, the Crans-Montana municipalities have drawn up a project for complete renovation of the existing finish building, while also creating a large underground parking and storage facility. By upgrading the existing building and reducing the footprint while still meeting all FIS requirements, this project seems perfectly suited to the annual World Cup events, and will be supplemented by temporary infrastructure during the World Championships.

Combining skills on a joint project

The Crans-Montana 2027 project’s great strength is bringing together all the expertise needed to stage an event of this scale, thanks in particular to Crans-Montana and Swiss-Ski.

Firstly, there is Crans-Montana. Crans-Montana has a long tradition of organising international events, particularly ski events, and it hosts yearly World Cups and European Cups races. This experience is now being exploited in this new challenge. "The team in place for the World Cup has proved their expertise time and time again, and I feel they are extremely motivated to continue on this adventure to the World Championships. They are the backbone of the organisation, and I’m delighted that we will be further developing our skills together in preparation for this unique event", says Didier Défago.

Secondly, there is Swiss-Ski. The national ski federation’s resources are considerable, as is the desire to make them available to the event organisers. "In order to make the best possible use of the synergies between the federation and the different events, and to encourage long-term promotion of snow sports, Swiss-Ski is becoming more involved in the organisation of major events than in the past", explains Urs Lehmann, Swiss-Ski president.

Daniel Bollinger, head of the World Championships for Swiss-Ski, is the day-to-day link with the operational team. As COO for Crans-Montana 2027, he is supporting Didier Défago in his role as CEO, ensuring that Swiss-Ski's expertise is also put to good use in the organisation of the World Championships.

Urs Lehmann specified "Of course close collaboration with all local stakeholders remains essential, because we want these World Championships to reflect the image of Crans-Montana and Valais."

The reason that all stakeholders get on so well with each other is that they share a common vision: that Crans-Montana 2027 can leave a lasting mark on the region, and generate enthusiasm for winter sports. They all want to build a future by raising the profile of Crans-Montana and Valais, inspiring young people and rallying them around sport, and strengthening cohesion through sharing powerful emotions.

"The Crans-Montana municipalities have supported the World Championships project from the outset. They have reaffirmed their unwavering commitment by granting a guarantee credit for the organisation of the World Championships of 42 million francs - 30 million for construction and 12 million for operations. We are convinced that Crans-Montana 2027 is a unifying project that offers wonderful prospects for our region and those who live here. It will act as a catalyst for a number of sustainable projects for our destination and provide an extraordinary showcase on an international level", says Nicolas Féraud, president of the municipality of Crans-Montana and vice-president of Crans-Montana 2027.

The same is true of the Canton of Valais, and State Councillor Frédéric Favre is just as convinced about the positive impact of major events: "The World Ski Championships in Crans-Montana represent a real opportunity for the people of Valais to strengthen cantonal cohesion through sport. Thanks to our canton’s unique topology, it can host a variety of sports and sporting events on an international scale, providing valuable exposure."

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